Change a life. Sponsor a refugee today.

Empower one special scholar in Sudan and follow their journey toward a whole new future. You'll receive regular updates on their progress, including photos and handwritten letters from them to you. Follow them throughout their school year knowing that you made it possible.

From first steps to big strides.

You can choose to sponsor a refugee at any education level. At the primary/secondary school level, you can sponsor a child or adult's entire school year for less than $2 a day. At the higher-education level, for less than $6 a day you can sponsor a refugee's university education and help them earn their degree. Whichever level you choose, you will be making a whole new life possible, starting today.

Change more than one life. Change yours.

When you sponsor a refugee, you will get to know them through letters and photos—and their journey will change you. You will learn on a personal level what it means to be a refugee, what it took for them to get to where they are now, and how your sponsorship is getting them to where they want to be. Discover their culture. Understand their daily life. And learn about the refugee crisis from the perspective of someone who has survived it. You will find a connection with a brilliant, inspiring human being across the world, and you will know forever that you brought a brighter future to life.